Building the next generation
of cell-based medicines

Neurona Therapeutics is a cell therapy company driven by rigorous scientific discovery and focused on the development of breakthrough treatments for neurological disorders.

About Us

Neurona Therapeutics is a pre-clinical stage biotechnology company that was founded by four leading-edge neuroscientists and stem cell pioneers at The University of California, San Francisco. We are focused on the discovery and development of cell-based therapies to treat intractable neurological disease. Our initial aim is to generate therapeutic compositions of a specific type of nerve cell (or neuron) for targeted delivery into the injured nervous system. Based on nearly two decades of research, we believe that particular subpopulations of neurons have the unique ability to integrate and repair dysregulated neural circuits. Our talented team of scientists, scientific advisors, and board directors is working to accelerate breakthrough treatments for patients with significant unmet medical needs.


Neurona is founded by world-class researchers at the forefront of neural stem cell biology. We have built an outstanding team of scientists that work tirelessly to advance cell-based medicines to the clinic.



Our approach is built on a strong scientific foundation comprising decades of work in fundamental neuroscience, brain development, and stem cell biology


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Join a collaborative team of first-class scientists driven by an uncompromising desire to translate groundbreaking research into new medicines to improve the quality of life for patients in need

“The potential for specialized nerve cell transplants to ameliorate multiple neurological disorders is backed by years of rigorous science and holds unique promise for patients without effective treatment options. Neurona is taking the next step towards making neuronal cell therapy a reality.”

Arnold Kriegstein, Co-Founder, Board Director, and Scientific Advisor